In Hungary one will find numerous offers of equestrian tourism for adults, thus we decided to exclusively specialize in leadrein lessons for kids. 


Leadrein lessons: playful pony riding for 3 to 8 years old kids

15min 1900,- HUF

Carriage riding: according to prior agreement carriage rides can be booked for 2-4 persons. 30 min = 4000,- HUF

Riding camps: 1 week children riding camp with various leasure time activities and horse riding program. Prices and information at the hotel reception.

Instructions: The hotel reception will ask at the booking for the experience of the rider; the information of the rider should be given accurately, to avoid wrong entries. Matching riding clothes should be worn; tight-fitting top and trousers are preferable, aligned with solid shoes; helmets can be borrowed at site. The clothing should also match with the weather forecast. Please try to arrive in time, best 15min before starting the booked program. Cancellations are free of charge until 7.15am at the booked day; if the cancellation arrives later, the full boking price is payable in case of cancellation/not being present.

If the booked program can not be performed on the outside arenas (e.g. due to weather conditions, etc.), we will try arrange the program in indoor facilities. If these are not available or free at the booked time, so that the riding program can not be performed, an alternative date will be offered. If no common alternative date for the booked program can be found, the booking will be cancelled free of charge. In case of rude misbehaviour against animals or the personnel, it is at the discretion of the responsible person to discontinue the program.

Despite the most careful efforts to offer best possible safety for all riders, a residual risk of injury remains for the participant. Please note that any activity with the horses is done in own responsibility of the rider and we do not do not take liability for damages or injuries.