Szépalma estate

Welcome at Szépalma !

Dear Guest, we wish you a pleasant stay and would also like to inform you about our horse property and activities.

A small historical retrospective

For many centuries Szépalma was a noble property, on which also horses and mules were bred. After many changes of ownership the property, in 18th and 19th century the estate was owned by the noble family Eszterházy, later Pejachevics. The last Countess was chased away by the communists in the 1950s  , a little later Szépalma was annexed as a horse-breeding station of the state stud Babolna.

After the fall of the iron curtain two stables and one dwelling were in operation. Beginning of 1994 Szépalma was purchased by a Swiss family and rebuilt as a  Lippizzaner breeding. At the same time the hotel was build, which since beginning of 2Ol5 is legally independently operated.

The horse facilities today

Nowadays four stables are provided to the horses, which are designed according to modern knowledge of appropriate species-appropriate husbandry (boxes with corral for single horses and groups). It is important that the horses feel in their environment, therefore stable neighbours have to be chosen carefully, consistent caretakers and a daily routine with grazing. And for that we, the horse caretakers, riders, grooms and agricultural employees, take responsibility.


Handling and working with horses require  concentration and tranquility. Horses are flight animals; sudden disturbances can lead to serious accidents. For safety reasons the gates are usually closed. In addition, most of our caretakers live here - Szépalma is not only place of work, but also our home. And like anyone else, we value our privacy. Therefore we kindly ask you to not to enter the horse facilities outside the visiting hours or without a guided tour. The hotel reception will inform you about the visiting hours and guided tours.