Collective Cooking - Eat what you have cooked!

Collective Cooking - Eat what you have cooked!

Task one is to find all the ingredients of your planned meal and the utensils for the cooking in the woods. Find out more...

Good news is that it is not only the creepy crawlies, mushrooms and leaves you can use but some carefully and well-hidden meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices that you can find with the help of a map or GPS tracking device. After returning to your base you can start cooking, depending on the weather either on the grill terrace, at the campfire or in the Csárda-building. The group then – with no professional help and (hopefully) no fatal consequences – prepares a decent meal for themselves. During the cooking there are refreshments available (mulled wine in winter and beer or spritzer in the warmer seasons) to fight dehydration. J
Have a great time and enjoy your meal!
Available meals to prepare:
¨ BBQ: chicken breast, pork shoulder blade, walleye in foil,
salads, dressings, baked potato, bbq sauce, sour cherry
¨ Beef stew with potato, salad, fruit salad, strudel
Duration: approximately 2-2 hours. Price of this programme is xxx,xxx HUF/xxx persons for the BBQ and xxx,xxx HUF/xxx persons for the beefstew.
There is a T-shirt designed uniquely for this programme for 1990 HUF.(Not included in the price.)
This programme is also availabe without the treasure hunt beforehands. In this case the price is (depending on the menu):
Goulash, savoury scones, apple strudel 4.200 HUF
Beefstew with potato, salads, fruitsalad, strudel 4.700 HUF
Stew (made of pork, calf and beef), salads, cottage cheese-dill pie, fruit 4.800 HUF
BBQ party: chicken breast, port shoulder blade, walleye fillets in foil, salads, dressings, baked potato, bbq sauce, strudel, fruit salad 5.400 HUF
These prices are for 1 person, drinks not included, VAT included.

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