If there is such thing as an absolutely perfect venue for outdoor trainings or for organizing company retreats, than Szépalma it is. The Bakony Mountain provides such spectacular surroundings for adventurous outdoor programmes that it can't be beaten. Narrow mountain passages, steep rocky slopes, clefts and caves in the shade of hundred years old oak trees. Whichever direction we leave the hotel, in couple of minutes we find ourselves in an exciting and enigmatic forest.

From playful and adventurous trainings, through gps treasure hunts and all day long sports competitions, to spy games we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor team building games. Due to our many years of experience and established system of contacts, we can organise and run effective programmes.

Training outdoors? Szépalma takes pride in outstanding qualities.


Outdoor park (high cable adventure course)

Hotel Szépalma's high cable adventure course is 200m away from the entrance of the hotel. It provides exciting and edifying tasks for the participants of an outdoor team building event.

"We could hardly believe that we were capable of doing this, too..." we usually comment as we complete a highly challenging physical task. But what does it depend on if we manage to get over a particular obstacle successfully? Success or failure often depends on our attitude. Most of the time we decide in advance what we are capable of and not surprisingly the outcome will be in line with our expectations. But do we judge the difficulty of the task and our capability realistically? Don’t we often underrate ourselves?

The obstacles of the high cable adventure course may seem at first a series of almost impossible tasks. Who would dream of walking along on a 16m wide plank 12m above the ground under the trees or of standing on top of a wooden column at a similar height?

"Outside it’s more spacious" - let’s leave our comfort zone!

In order to complete the tasks successfully, we simply need to step over our own shadow. By overcoming our instinctive fear and by passing the imaginary limit of our capability, the tasks can be completed surprisingly easily.

A pleasant surprise for ourselves!

Although even the adventure in itself is very entertaining, it is not l'art pour l'art. After each challenge we face our next task with increased self esteem and with more determination. The more experience we gain in leaving our comfort zone and the easier we accommodate to our changing environment, the more chance we have to tackle occurring problems and the more we will be capable of in our everyday life as well.

Strategic laser fight

It is a team building game which mixes the real paint ball game with the varied opportunities of computer games. There are 2 teams fighting against each other who enjoy playing the game and in the same time they are able to work out and follow an effective strategy in order to win. They are capable of team work at a high level and of effective communication even under stress. We guide the participants of the game into an imaginary world equipped with the technology of the 21st century. It is not merely speed, smartness and team work that counts but the skilful use of the equipments is also essential. The guns work with infra red beams that are harmless for the participants and the environment.

Sport, outdoor possibilities and "useful passion" in Szépalma

High cable adventure course, forest sports field, forest routes and paths, BBQ parties, camp fire by the garden lake, cycling, Nordic walking, table tennis, boccia, darts, table football, open air volley-ball and football ground, sauna, massage.