It comes to a point when one has enough of tight schedules, hecticness and when one would like to forget about where and why he should be rushing. If we manage to stop for a second, we can notice things that would otherwise be insignificant or beyond our sensations. The "gourmand" hidden within us would be revealed. We take our time to taste and smell delicacies.
It is exactly the feeling that Szépalma offers. It is really worth it forgetting about time here for a short while. We are wandering on the hunting ground of King Matyas. Here it has traditions of rest, wine, singing and food. We respect the traditions. Those who wish to rest and recharge in Szépalma, will become participants of pleasant pampering. As a result of thorough preparations, they will receive what they deserve: quality service and friendly hospitality.
Our menu, which has been devised with deep consideration and our wine list, which contains the pride of the finest Hungarian wine specialists, are await the guest with real delicacies. Our Favory restaurant is primarily the venue for a'la carte meals, candle lit dinners and festive receptions. And the rustic "csárda" next to the hotel, which takes 50 people, offers atmospheric surrounding for groups wishing to enjoy partying late into the night. For larger groups there is an opportunity to organize wine tasting events and karaoke parties.
We can get a glimpse of an exceptional view from the terrace of the restaurant: on the hill behind the garden lake some fortunate horses enjoy the unique peace of their life in Szépalma. At the same time, behind the stables we can see the highest top of the Bakony: the Kőris Mountain.
There is a BBQ area by the lake, a couple of steps away from the terrace, which is in nice weather the venue for team building cooking, bacon grilling and outdoors wine tasting, while in the winter it is the place for cheerful, mulled wine "Eskimo Parties".
While respecting the traditions, we are seeking the new, and all the way the emphasis is on quality.