The History of Szépalma

Szépalma, or as it was called: "Nagy Fortes", used to be a royal estate, "predium" or grange in the medieval times. In 1392 King Zsigmond granted the estate to Viceroy Miklós Garai. In 1939-41, the Garais built a stone church for the Hungarian founded Paul order in the nearby Porva. In 1483, King Mátyás granted the estate to Istvan Szapolyai, the father of the subsequent king: János Szapolyai. Palatine Miklós Eszterházy took possession of the estate in 1622. In 1636 Szépalma was in Daniel Eszterházy’s and in 1704 it was in Antal Eszterházy’s possession. The buildings were ruined during the Turkish times. Ferenc Eszterházy reconstructed them in 1720.