Hotel Szépalma


As our everyday life is getting more and more hectic and as a feeling of chaos disturbs our peace, the value of green islands increases. Islands where we can retreat away from the noisy world. Szepalma is such a hideaway place in the heart of the Bakony mountains.

The Eszterhazy family chose beautiful places to build their homes. The ranch of the family is situated on one of the highest points of the Dunantul region of Hungary. It is in the middle of the High-Bakony Mountain and also it is in the neighbourhood of the Koris Mountain. The exceptional surrounding offers varied opportunities for the visitor. Families may enjoy games, adventure and sport programmes. For young couples it provides the opportunity for undisturbed romance and more senior visitors can enjoy the outstanding beauty and calm of nature.

Whilst it may not be easy to find Szepalma, it is even more difficult to leave it...

Noble purity

The hotel is neither flashy nor it is ostentatious. It promises neither luxury nor does it wish to join the competition of the popular wellness trend. Cleanliness, tidiness and pure elegance would be the best terms to describe the hotel both in- and outdoors. It is the well attended gardens, the colourful flower beds and the friendly and excellent cuisine that make Szépalma unique. In this sense the hotel is so unique that none of any other can compare.
Szépalma offers peace for those who would like to gather their thoughts, for those who are about to make important decisions and for those wishing to raise slightly above the tedious details of everyday life.

Szépalma is a real treasure for those who are susceptible to the beauty of nature, who wishes to venture into the forest by foot, by bike or on horse back. Primarily it is for those who have a certain level of rowdiness, who are not phased out by getting their boots muddy because they know what they will see from the top of the Koris Mountain will compensate for their efforts.

We warmly recommend the hotel and its’ surroundings to those who know what a mountain bike is for and who are keen to challenge themselves. It is worth mentioning the air quality here. The air is so clean in the Bakony forests that, in many people’s opinion, it should be bottles for the "city softies" and most of all for the future generations. The arriving visitors get hungry in the fresh air, they relax from the fantastic food and wine and they get a peaceful night sleep.
The building and the operation of Hotel Szepalma harmoniously fits in with its’ surroundings. Guests enjoy high quality hospitality and good value for money in terms of services. At the same time they enjoy what the estate, the forest and the fields offer for them.

Sauna, infra-sauna, massage, jacuzzi, bicycles, table tennis, badminton, bowling, biliard, nordic walking, sledges, cross country skis, forest sports field and an outdoor cable adventure course.